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Scribe (noun) :- informal terms for Writers/journalists.

                     Community blogging has taken off in unimaginable ways since the advent of blogs. However blogs that hosts content in the perspective of a particular community, written catering to a broad sect of people is very rarely found. To bridge this requirement a group of friends have started a blog under the name of ‘Scribez’. Even though the blog is still in its infancy, its managed to get some attention albeit unwanted.

As a co-editor on this community blog (Scribez) i would like to invite you to read and in the words on the bloggers themselves ‘Sub-scribe’.



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Google Talk

Most of you must be already using the latest version of Google Talk – yeah thats the one with the file transfer and voice mail facilities. If you dont already have it you can get it from their main site – Google Talk. Although i am madly in love with the IM application i have to say it has a long way to go.

Hey Google – we need emoticons and text formatting as quickly as possible. On the subject of rich text formatting, i just read in Wikipedia that Google was supposed to be working on rich text formatting on susequent version releases.

Heres the catch – did you know that rich text formatting is already available in Google Talk’s current versions? All you need to do is prefix and suffix your text with the ‘*’ character and presto the text will appear as bold in the screen and everyone gets to see it as bold too.To make text appear in italics -perfix and suffix text with ‘_’ character.


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I can dance!!

Some people dread the thought of hitting the dance floor. Just ask my friend PS, he’ll tell you how much the thought, makes him sweat! Im sure he wouldnt believe this post, even if he were actually present when the following event(s) happened!

Today i had the opportunity of attending a concert (private concert) held for the employees of an IT organization. A famous Indian singer, popularly known as ‘K.K, was performing. Now im a shy person when it comes to social situations and i normally wouldnt do anything besides letting the gravitational forces keep my chair firmly attached to the ground. But today, however, i decided it was high time that i got off my behind and burnt some serious calories. So as the song progressed i remembered MsImperfect‘s advice and decided to act like i knew what i was doing. And what do you know, before i knew it, i suddenly found the people surrounding me(even some that ive never seen ever before in my entire life) joining in and synchronizing with my ‘dance steps’. Well it was fun to watch us all dance in unison (if youre not an Indian then you need to understand that we Indians dance in unison, havent you seen any Bollywood movies??) and I also managed to make the whole experience educational by learning a few moves. Its funny how some of my ‘dance steps’ came naturally. Now i believe my fear of dancing (to Indian Music) has gone forever…have to try dancing to hip-hop but i bet thats a whole different deal!

So there you have it PS, MsImperfect IS right after all – “Anyone can dance..”.


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Formula 1

Its the dream of every male on the face on planet earth to, for the least, get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. This gives rise to a certain level of overconfidence too, even to the point where some believe that they could shred lap records if only they got the chance. But little thought do they give to the car itself. Neither did I until someone send me a couple of pictures of a ‘disected’ F1 car.

Did you know that the:

1)F1 car is made up of 80,000 components, if it were assembled 99.9% correctly, it would still start the race with 80 things wrong!

2)Formula 1 cars have over a kilometre of cable, linked to about 100 sensors and actuators which monitor and control many parts of the car.

Well these are just some of the things i just learnt. And now for the pics.


Another angle:


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Nothing in Particular

One of the feeds from Digg was about a Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator. I believe its aptly titled because there was absolutely nothing i understood from the vast variety of ‘things’ generated. Now being a fan of such insanity i had to check out if there were any Web 2.0 ‘Insult Generators’. Unfortunately i couldnt find anything decent through Google which maybe because there are NONE.Its seems for certain that the Web 2.0 has been hyped to a such a point where everyone is taking a jab at it just to get dugg or have fun. Either way its funny!

Now on my journey to finding the ‘Insult Generator’ i stumbled on these 2 links which i thought were a wonderful way to while away time. WarningSignGenerator and WarningLabelGenerator. Although i havent tested out the latter one i believe you’ll get an idea of what it delivers after you’ve had a look at the picture generated from the SignGenerator.

Heres what i made from WarningSignGenerator:


P.S:- This post is a test for my Performacing Plugin that i recently downloaded. As far as i can say i love the split screen window that allows me to both browse and blog almost simultaneously.

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Things i would like to do…

Here are the list of things i would like to accomplish before i go 6 feet under. Please note that the list is far from being termed “The Complete list of things i would like to do..”

  1. Win a Grammy.
  2. Win an Oscar.
  3. Bunjee Jump.
  4. Sky Dive.
  5. Visit DisneyLand.
  6. Shoot a documentary on Cars.
  7. Get my OWN personal and private crib.
  8. Get the latest entertainment/home networking gadgets money can buy.
  9. Own a really large collection of movies so i can watch when i get old(If i get that far).
  10. Travel around the world – this time at my own pace, NOT in 80 Days!
  11. Stop over at Amsterdam 😉
  12. Schedule a week’s worth at Las Vegas!
  13. Be actually present at the Olympics, instead of watching it year on year on television.
  14. Watch a sport at a stadium (Olympics doesnt count – its got to be a World Cup).
  15. Buy a Honda Civic and trick it out.
  16. Earn a year’s worth supply of fast-food (Burgers to be precise).
  17. Jet Ski.
  18. Be the CEO of MY company at least for a day(before it gets bought out by some big conglomerate, or go bankrupt).
  19. Get high!
  20. Win another Grammy.

More points to be added so stay tuned!


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The All New 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby

Which self-respecting induvidual doesnt like a car? Its one of the greatest indulgences man has invented for himself. Ever since the concept of gasoline driven motors was transformed into reality, by Karl Benz in 1885, cars have been made in various shapes and sizes.

My fantasy with cars started after i watched the movie Gone in 60 seconds. And my favourite car? The 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 – Eleanor. And boy, my adrenalin pumped after reading an artice that mentioned that the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby was coming out of its “Rental Only” stint. Apparently there are many more people like myself who are willing to shell out some serious moolah on a gorgeous vehicle.

For those who are anxious to see the beauty here she is:

2007 Ford Mustang Shelby

For the complete article go here Autoblog.


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