Is your country Happy?

University of Leicester, in a recent report listed the various nations of the world in accordance with the level of happiness of its people. They calculated the ‘happiness’ of a particular place by making use of a Happy Planet Index(HPI). Unlike most parameters, used by governments and other audit agencies like GDP, HPI makes use of 3 parameters:

1. Life Satisfaction.

2. Life Expectancy

3. Ecological Footprint

Those of you who are interested in reading the entire executive report you can get it from here The unHappy Planet Index.

Find out where your country stands in the listings.

There is also a map available(for those who are uninterested in jargon and rankings) that shows if a place is happy or not. Mind you there’s no information there besides the map of the earth and continents marked in various colors indicating the level of happiness there. You can get the map here Happy Map.


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