Google Evangelism

Google has for long been the media sweetheart, and has throughout the years managed to retain the ‘David vs Goliath’ punch in everything it does. It been over half a decade and it would be an understatement to say Google has changed the world. Not many companies in the world can boast shifting the course of human thoughts and actions in such a short span of time. All said and done, they are a force to recon with in the virtual world.

Google Talk has not been widely accepted by the masses in the way Gmail and certain other services. Google Talk at present is a skeleton with veins and some tissue here and there. For the skeleton – it can send Instant Messages at lightning speed. For the veins and tissues they have placed themes and pictures. Oh and did i mention the muscle – Internet calls (presently between 2 computers). Now its clear that Google has to do more if it wants to see mass acceptance and it seems they’re doing just that. A recent article in Digg claimed Google had in store a new version supporting file transfer, voice mail and some other features. However there was no mention of the much anticipated emoticons. Google has incorporated emoticons to the Gmail interface, so whats keeping them from incorporating it in their application?

Nonetheless Google Talk is expanding in popularity and i can vouch for that.A dozen friends of mine (oblivious of Google Talk) have started experimenting with it (after tons of coazing) and have had some very positive things to say. They LOVE it. Now any product that can evoke such a response is most definitely awesome.


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  1. xylene

    I wanted an IM which is fast, simple and that does not get disconnected everytime the connection speed changes. Google has all that and much more to offer.

    I use google news, pages, mail, talk, and SEARCH !!!! 🙂 Google changed the way the internet was being used. Msn changed its outlook, yahoo followed, refiff came along, and all other service providers changed the way they did business. !

    As far as I know google tops the lists and others just follow. !

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