New WordPress Login Screen

New WordPress Login Screen

Originally uploaded by wildgrey.

WordPress is one of the leaders in the blogging industry. Why? Because theyve kept things clean and easy. These guys have some of the most famous personalities in the blogging industry on their side. So a good product and free publicity. Need a company ask for more?

Logged in today to post somestuff and guess what i encountered. Yes. A brand new login screen created in one of my most favourite colors – Blue. The navigation link (‘Back to Blog’) provided towards the bottom is indeed very useful. I hope this is just the intro to all the new stuff that theyre planning to release.

Besides i just read that a major revamp of Blogger is on the cards.



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2 responses to “New WordPress Login Screen

  1. it based on the shuttle project an new ajaxied super cool Admin interface. I hope they implement it fast 🙂

  2. Well what do you know! You’re right! Cant wait for them to implement em all. But what i dont understand is why they dont offer all the third party plugins on I mean i see like a kizillion freaking stuff on your blog. Where in the world do you get em all from? Im sure if your blog was on you wouldnt have all those plugins.

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