Belated Happy Birthday to the WWW

15 years and a couple of days ago, a tool that was supposed to help ease the transfer of information between scientists set the stage for what was to become the single most greatest invention known to modern man since cave men or some other Neanderthal discovered fire. The Internet has most certainly and indisputably changed our lives and there is no doubt about that. A few centuries back, people living in conservative societies would have choked on the idea of sitting in front of a screen and typing. But here i am doing exactly that. Forget waiting for Thanksgiving Day to blurt out all the things your are thankful for, make it happen right here right now!

The following things about the Internet that i am truly grateful for.

  1. Access to information – anytime, anywhere.
  2. Research Materials for school and college assignments/projects.
  3. Electronic News – changed the way we all looked at breaking news.
  4. Electonic Mail – there used to be a time when snail mail was slower.
  5. Instant Messaging – still beats screaming out of the window anytime of the day.
  6. Now to the things that most people enjoy:

  7. Adult Entertainment- more crudely known as porn
  8. Unlimited downloads of software,music,movies and yes ofcourse porn.
  9. Forums – where you can express your views with like minded people and also ask for passwords to premium porn sites.
  10. Online Dating – no more inhibitions for the average Joe.
  11. Well thats all i could think of right now. If there are more things that impress you or that you are grateful for please feel free to add to the list.


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