Friendship Day was yesterday, but…

I remember as a freshman in college, boycotting everything from St. Patrick’s Day to Valentines Day, not because i hated it or anything, but just because i didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. Lame, i know but quite interesting none the less when you consider the flabbergasted look on some of the fellow students faces, who clearly believed that i was suffering from heat exhaustion rather that anything else. I remember the guys who spent hours on hours executing their perfect valentine’s day ideas, that were supposedly going to help them win their partner’s hearts. Guys who never knew that a 6:00 am existed were suddenly seen at the gym (AT THE GYM!!!) at 4:00 am, clearly motivated by obscene levels of pheromones that were supposedly hovering above their heads, much like the smog on a typical New York morning – unseen but always there! I could never get it, which is perhaps why a few of us including myself, would year after year, wear an ‘all black’ outfit that earned us the nickname ‘The Valentine Commandos‘. Now to the point.

If you had the patience to read the paragraph above, you would have undoubtedly figured out the cynicism. I should say however, that i am a changed person. Today i stumbled upon an intranet link that led to a ‘Friendship Day’ page. One could post messages of friendship and appreciation to ones who deserved them( if you felt they did). After about 15 minutes of nurturing the ‘inner hacker’ (if you are a hacker please don’t hack my machine because i misused the word ‘hacker’) and realizing that i wouldn’t somehow magically become the Kevin Mitnick of the day, i decided to see if anyone had posted a message for me. Low expectations were quickly transformed into jubilee when i found out that someone had indeed posted one for me (Why do i have low expectations?? Long story..maybe later). Anyhow, you know what they say, “a good act is contagious”.. well i now believe its true, because all i know is that after reading that ONE message i was so inspired that i became ‘The Friendship Spammer‘ for the day, sending out friendship messages to every Tom,Dick,Jane and Harry i had come across in the past 10 months of my existence. And by the end of the day my work had borne fruit, happiness out of reciprocation. Its good to do something good once in  a while.

Conclusion: Today i type, a changed person, reminiscing on all those years i had turned my back on the joy of celebrating such a joyous occasion and wish i hadn’t..who the hell am i kidding.. its back to good ‘ol days!



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2 responses to “Friendship Day was yesterday, but…

  1. xylene

    Well, the only way to get a friend is to BE ONE !
    God Bless !

  2. I second the motion!…Motion Passed. (Sounds nasty now that ive said it!)

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