Now folks, this here is a show! The legendary show that would surely change the face of comedy television. I mean, there wouldnt be any of the new-age comedy series if it weren’t for the foundations laid by this one show. Now dont get me wrong, im not trying to take anything away from shows like Friends, Drew Carey Show, King of Queens, Frasier etc etc. All im trying to say is that watching Sienfeld should be something that every human being no matter what their age is should do. While flipping through the huge list of mostly unwanted channels, my ears for a split second feasted on the all too familiar sounds of ‘crowd laughter’. Oh yeah, we’ve all heard that alright, used more liberally that Indians use salt! This got the old comedy juices flowing again, and before you know it there i am, sipping a glass of apple juice and watching Sienfield.

The plot was hilarious, all four characters placing wagers on who could ‘hold-off’ the longest. Kramer quiting after what seemed like 4 hrs, while other struggled against everything to try to be the ‘Master of the Domain’. Sleepless night, opportunities knocking on every corner in frequencies never humanly thought possible. Some of the jokes were very funny. You should see it, that is if you haven’t already done so.

So take a day off, from your busy schedule and rent out your favourite comedy show, sip on apple juice or Bicardi or whatever it is that will get you to think, or not, and try to enjoy the funny side of television.



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3 responses to “Seinfeld

  1. glad to see you back online so what name should I be calling you as???? 😀

  2. The name is Grey..Wild Grey!!

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