The Good Ol Days

The Good Ol Days

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Remember the times when getting caught cheating was a ‘bragable’ thing? Apparently these kids wanted something to talk about at the prom! There are 3 people that caught my attention in the picture.

1) The guy in the front row. Sure he looks like a nerd but im sure he’s in the wrong test because clearly as you can see he was supposed to take the Open Book test, not a regular exam(puhhhlease)!

2) Girl on the right, second row. Now i’d like to see a professor ask her to lift her skirt a little bit so that he/she could verify the presence of the ‘material’. I’d pay to see the professor retain his/her present job too!

3) Oh the all too nonchalant guy who suddenly seemed to have developed a strange medical condition that prevents his neck from turning to the other side. Sure dude we all believe ya.

See the guy on the top row the left wearing the blue shirt? Yeah thats me.Gotchya!!

Disclaimer: The observations posted above are my own, and under no circumstances were they meant to disgrace anyone in the picture or elsewhere. If you are a victim of the above observations/comments contact your nearest counsellor.


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  1. I read this post long bak n absolutely loved it, reading it today, it still makes me laugh! 😀 Gr8 observation. Why dont u post more of such blogs?

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