Movie – Man on Fire

A coupe of days back i had the opportunity of watching the movie “Man of Fire” starring Denzel Washington. I remember being very excited at the time of the movie release about a year back but couldnt watch it then for lack of time.

The story was pertty nice and the movie kept me on mt toes till the point of the street kidnapping. After that i watched the movie literally disintegrate into a million oblivious frames. Personally i thought the edititng of the movie was pretty lame. What is it with all the flash editing? Too much and i mean too much of flash editing. I remember telling myself that i acutally counted 15 flash edited sequences in a span of a minute. “What were you thinking Tony? Dont tell me you believed that flash editing would give viewers a thriller experience!” Anyway its movies like this that make you go ‘So this is why some of the dumber movies get the Oscars. I get it now!’.


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