Things i would like to do…

Here are the list of things i would like to accomplish before i go 6 feet under. Please note that the list is far from being termed “The Complete list of things i would like to do..”

  1. Win a Grammy.
  2. Win an Oscar.
  3. Bunjee Jump.
  4. Sky Dive.
  5. Visit DisneyLand.
  6. Shoot a documentary on Cars.
  7. Get my OWN personal and private crib.
  8. Get the latest entertainment/home networking gadgets money can buy.
  9. Own a really large collection of movies so i can watch when i get old(If i get that far).
  10. Travel around the world – this time at my own pace, NOT in 80 Days!
  11. Stop over at Amsterdam 😉
  12. Schedule a week’s worth at Las Vegas!
  13. Be actually present at the Olympics, instead of watching it year on year on television.
  14. Watch a sport at a stadium (Olympics doesnt count – its got to be a World Cup).
  15. Buy a Honda Civic and trick it out.
  16. Earn a year’s worth supply of fast-food (Burgers to be precise).
  17. Jet Ski.
  18. Be the CEO of MY company at least for a day(before it gets bought out by some big conglomerate, or go bankrupt).
  19. Get high!
  20. Win another Grammy.

More points to be added so stay tuned!



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3 responses to “Things i would like to do…

  1. hmm…interesting. hey i think my comments are being detected as spam!

  2. hey dude you workin on the name for the blog thingy We got guru on board as well … 🙂

  3. Another thing dude I made a registration form on my blog so you can register once and next time you don’t need to input your details when you comment 🙂

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