Nothing in Particular

One of the feeds from Digg was about a Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator. I believe its aptly titled because there was absolutely nothing i understood from the vast variety of ‘things’ generated. Now being a fan of such insanity i had to check out if there were any Web 2.0 ‘Insult Generators’. Unfortunately i couldnt find anything decent through Google which maybe because there are NONE.Its seems for certain that the Web 2.0 has been hyped to a such a point where everyone is taking a jab at it just to get dugg or have fun. Either way its funny!

Now on my journey to finding the ‘Insult Generator’ i stumbled on these 2 links which i thought were a wonderful way to while away time. WarningSignGenerator and WarningLabelGenerator. Although i havent tested out the latter one i believe you’ll get an idea of what it delivers after you’ve had a look at the picture generated from the SignGenerator.

Heres what i made from WarningSignGenerator:


P.S:- This post is a test for my Performacing Plugin that i recently downloaded. As far as i can say i love the split screen window that allows me to both browse and blog almost simultaneously.

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