I can dance!!

Some people dread the thought of hitting the dance floor. Just ask my friend PS, he’ll tell you how much the thought, makes him sweat! Im sure he wouldnt believe this post, even if he were actually present when the following event(s) happened!

Today i had the opportunity of attending a concert (private concert) held for the employees of an IT organization. A famous Indian singer, popularly known as ‘K.K, was performing. Now im a shy person when it comes to social situations and i normally wouldnt do anything besides letting the gravitational forces keep my chair firmly attached to the ground. But today, however, i decided it was high time that i got off my behind and burnt some serious calories. So as the song progressed i remembered MsImperfect‘s advice and decided to act like i knew what i was doing. And what do you know, before i knew it, i suddenly found the people surrounding me(even some that ive never seen ever before in my entire life) joining in and synchronizing with my ‘dance steps’. Well it was fun to watch us all dance in unison (if youre not an Indian then you need to understand that we Indians dance in unison, havent you seen any Bollywood movies??) and I also managed to make the whole experience educational by learning a few moves. Its funny how some of my ‘dance steps’ came naturally. Now i believe my fear of dancing (to Indian Music) has gone forever…have to try dancing to hip-hop but i bet thats a whole different deal!

So there you have it PS, MsImperfect IS right after all – “Anyone can dance..”.



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7 responses to “I can dance!!

  1. Amen!! Ain’t she the BEST!!!

  2. @Wildgrey Aaaaargh!!!! I hate you man! We had another disco and this time I didn’t get up from the chair until the last 5 minutes when people lifted me up and threw me onto the dance floor and I was forced to do a highly embarassing gig!

  3. ha ha ha dude I should have been there to see u shake yer ass.

  4. @Guru: Now i wouldnt know if shes the best, we dont even know eachother.

    @PS: pussy!

  5. @Bluesaze: Somtime soon buddy, sometime soon!

  6. PS : I told ya…didnt i?? 😛

    Wildgrey : Glad i cud be of help 🙂

    Guru : U just got lucky, didnt u? 😛

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