Google Talk

Most of you must be already using the latest version of Google Talk – yeah thats the one with the file transfer and voice mail facilities. If you dont already have it you can get it from their main site – Google Talk. Although i am madly in love with the IM application i have to say it has a long way to go.

Hey Google – we need emoticons and text formatting as quickly as possible. On the subject of rich text formatting, i just read in Wikipedia that Google was supposed to be working on rich text formatting on susequent version releases.

Heres the catch – did you know that rich text formatting is already available in Google Talk’s current versions? All you need to do is prefix and suffix your text with the ‘*’ character and presto the text will appear as bold in the screen and everyone gets to see it as bold too.To make text appear in italics -perfix and suffix text with ‘_’ character.



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24 responses to “Google Talk

  1. Google talk …. Emoticons … Geeks … lack design/visual sense

  2. Dont you be messing with the Geek Community brother. You could make some enemies real quick you know! 😉

  3. Hey dude!! I am a geek, a self confessed geek, but I don’t mind design/visual sense in google talk! I love that it’s lightweight, but the least it can do is at least port the logic it uses in GMail chat into the Talk application!! I wonder as to why they can’t do that much!!

    And I LOVE voice mail functionality of GTalk k!! Awesome!!

  4. anita

    what about colour in your text? if i type in BP, i get blue… not sure why??

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