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A mysterious new link

While clearing out the mail i suddenly noticed this new link on the top right corner of my GMail window. I asked a friend to check his mail and it seems to be that he doesnt have it. Now im not quite sure how only some people get to have this link while others dont. For the skeptics here a snap shot. The first one is my friend’s who didnt have the link(he did have the Gmail Skins extension installed but i think its ridiculous to even suggest that as a reason for the lack of the link) and the other one is mine.


On clicking the link it takes you to this page Although i havent posted a bug yet(its not like i found any), im sure its part of the ‘going out of beta’ initiative that Google has been talking about. Now how many email services do you know that actively ask their users for this level of feedback? Google rocks!


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Avial – a dish prepared in the state of Kerala.

Nope im not going to discuss the receipe here. Avial is the name of a band made up of 5 guys. Usually im very skeptical when someone says “Check out this mallu(a term coined to depict people from the state of Kerala)band, not because i hate them, but because they suck. But this band Avial rocks. Although the Linkin Park impersonation is more than obvious, their music rocks. And even more, the video is one of the best videos i have seen in the Indian Music Scene. Hope these guys make it big! Youve got my vote! Check out their video. Its a song called Nada Nada which means “walk walk”.


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Whats next?

Sure, now someone is going to court for saying whats on his mind? Read this to find out exactly what im talking about.
» Involved In A Landmark Blog Case – Slander In Comments : Shoemoney Marketing Thoughts

And make sure you do not comment because next time it could be you in court! (laughs)

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