Lord of War(2005)

Very few movies are made that attempt to tackle some of the ‘under the rug’ issues. And thats NOT because there is no story there. Nor is it because they dont want to talk about it. Its just because thats not where the money lies. The money..ah yes..’The Benjamins’ come in theyre bundles only when you make movies with lots of melodrama and elaborate sets, 15 minutes of romance,30 minutes of raunchy steam sex scenes etc etc. And there are no shortage of such movies either.

Lord of War(2005)In 2005 there came from Holywood a movie that was not widely discussed amongst certain elite circles simply because it didnt fit the ‘tried and true’ formula for Oscar grabbing success.
‘Lord Of War’, a movie staring the very versatile Nicholas Cage did manage to earn $25 mil, but then again maybe it was the PR! What issue does this movie take on? ‘Gun trafficing and selling’. I personally believe this is one of the most under-talked issues of all times. Now people have varied stand points when it comes to this topic. Some people say we need to put the guys that manufacture the guns behind bars. Then there are the others that say its not the manufacturer but the users that need to judged. But when the debate goes on behind large wooden doors and fancy dinner settings, there is no doubt that millions of lives are being ruined just because of illegal gun trafficing.
Back to the movie, what actually starts out as a pretty good narratory experience quickly transforms into a world that you become engrossed in. Nicholas Cage, ever so brilliant, puts on a fascinating performance jugling shipments from corner to corner bringing you an insight into the life of a gun dealer. The very beautiful Bridget Moynahan, whose acting skills were never really used in the movie,manages to find herself a couple of scenes here and there, but seriously they needed to find her something more to say.A 3 minute sex scene and a 2 minute shower does not constitute a role as lead actress in any movie! You need to say something.  And you need to say something that the audiences can acutally rememeber! Apart from those minor glitches here and there, the movie deserves to been seen.
As far the as issue of gun trafficing goes, it still remains, but then again this movie here is a feeble attempt to draw attention to one of the more under-rated issues that our century faces.



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4 responses to “Lord of War(2005)

  1. You forgot Ethan Hawke who was good too. That final conversation was simply mindblowing…

    Excellent film…great soundtrack and beautifully filmed!

    Saw it during the last month of college.

    Very quotable film too…some great lines.

  2. bApHoMEt

    i personally felt the performance to watch after Cage was Jared Leto. u just love this guy. he blows me away everytime.

    the scene i remember most is when Cage kinda caresses an AK47 and speaks lovingly about it.

  3. bApHoMEt

    what i love about Lord Of War is it’s dedication to a character driven narrative. its quite easy for a director to go issue hunting a film of this scale. but the focus is tight on Cage’s character.

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