Now thats what I call ArT!

I still remember the first time I was intrigued my art. I was sitting next to this kid in 3rd grade and he drew this amazing sketch of a car. I tried really hard to emulate his drawing but failed. Thats when I knew I was never going to be good at drawing. But I have the ability to admire art and as some would say, that is more important.

Stumbled Upon this really awesome site by illustrator and comic artist Will Murai. The attention to detail in everyone of his pictures makes them astounding in every sense. What makes it even better is the way he has dissected certain areas of a painting he has done and made them into even more detailed pictures there by giving you the illusion of going through a couple of scenes right out from a movie.

All in all an amazing display of talent!

p.S:- I would’ve loved to have given you a snap shot of his work before you actually went over there but can’t as it would be violating intellectual copyrights.



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2 responses to “Now thats what I call ArT!

  1. woooooooow dat was quite some paintings! how did u come across de site?

  2. Had tons of time the other day so just sat and browsed for nearly a couple of hours 🙂 and came across this site.

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