There is something more than money,fame and/or glory that has driven souls to the battlegrounds – Freedom. Centuries have gone by with many a war being fought over this very quality of life we have so grown used to taking for granted. And it is this very thing that drove 300 Spartan warriors to fight even until death. This movie portrays the journey and sacrifice these men made for their country and ideals. Defying odds against a vast army and facing armies of men, face masked killers called ‘The Immortals’, elephants and even giant freaks these men stood ground and fought with their head and with their hearts.

The movie,however, didn’t quite do as much as I hoped it would to remove faint memories of a certain other warrior classic. Though some might disagree, golden fields with its crop swaying in the winds does remind one distinctly of ‘The Gladiator’. The soundtrack that accompanied the scene in question didn’t help either.

That apart, although scantly clad men, women and drunk adolescent Oracles adorned the screen for the duration of the movie, the story telling did not get drowned and that in itself is commendable. All in all a graphical extravaganza with enough story telling to keep its viewer both physically and emotionally occupied.


I hereby take this opportunity to refute the very suggestion that this movie had some sort of connection with America’s ‘War on Terror’. The very thought is childish and preposterous.



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2 responses to “300

  1. aha aggresssive stance against punns stance? huh ? 🙂

  2. Aggressive but necessary 🙂

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