The Walls Have Ears

A couple of days back I was flipping through the channels to find something interesting to watch and a small segment of news entitled ‘The Walls Have Ears’ from CNN IBN caught my attention. This was a one minute news segment about an upcoming technology. I have spent 2 days since then trying to find anything on the Internet about this news  but have always come up empty handed.

The technology developed by a structural engineer and a software developer from India over the course of 17 years can be used to reconstruct (replay) conversations held within a room without the use of any electronic devices.The identities of the individuals who created this technology were not revealed due to security reasons. There was even a source that went on to say that this technology had profound uses in countries like USA. The theory behind the technology was briefly explained:

When we speak, our sound waves strike the walls. These sound waves represent a form of energy and when struck on the walls excite the atoms within the walls displacing electrons and other particles. Every sound (word,sentence etc) hits the walls at different energy levels thereby creating a unique identifiable signature. By measuring this energy it would be possible to determine the words spoken and thereby the conversation made within a room.

Sounds like something straight out from a science fiction movie. However the technology would be made available in 2008. Considering the possibilities this has to offer I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a mad rush by many nations to understand the workings of this technology.

“..And on the day of Judgment even walls will testify against you..”

The quote above represents a passage in the Bible that some,after hearing this news, have been quick to associate with. No matter what conclusions are drawn, if someone could let me know of any links you come across on this subject (the technology) i would appreciate it.


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