A Constitutionalized Blogosphere

Can you imagine a world without rules? I’m sure when faced with such a question, most of us would conjure an image of total chaos, fighting, mayhem and bloodshed. Now why should the virtual world be any different? Most of us have heard of cyber bullying and for the more unfortunate have been a victim of such acts.

The recent events in the life of Kathy Sierra might have pushed the creation of the ‘Blogger’s Code of Conduct’. The crux of the 6 point draft of a conduct for those in the blogosphere is this:

We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog.

A blogger is responsible not only for the content in his/her blog but also the words in the comments that follow. If any ‘objectionable’ comment is found, it is the responsibility of the blogger to remove them. Now having said that ther is a very thin line between this and censorship. A comment with an opposite view point could easily be mistaken as ‘objectionable’ and deleted. And that would only help destroy the freedom of speech that we so enjoy more in the virtual than reality.

Now on to more trivial things. “..if you fancy enforcing this code of conduct on your blog feel free to use one of our multi colored ‘Civility Enforced’ badges..”. Well I believe it makes more sense to pledge having a ‘Parental Advisory’ image along with posts with explicit words. That way we could enforce ‘civility’..dont you think? 

Civility Enforced - Badge“In case you do not wish to enforce civility, do not worry! Feel free to use this ‘Anything Goes’ badge into your blog”. This way you let us know that what we have been doing for so many months/years might not be endorsed by O Reilly.

 Fancy anyone of those badges? Id rather have one of these ‘Parental Advisory’ badges any time of the blogging year!!


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  1. Why do my posts end up in Akismet?

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