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Mac – A Boon and a Bane

When you walk into a group of people who have worked with nothing but Windows driven machines all your life, don’t expect anything more than a raised eyebrow or two when you unveil your Macbook (pro) from its case. Having recently decided to try out something new and join the Apple bandwagon I decided it was time to join the minority of people who dare use a mac as part of their daily lives and the journey so far has been interesting.

  1. “Oh isn’t he the guy with the Mac?!” – In more traditional organizations (the ones without the new  ‘Life 2.0’ crowd) owning a Mac is like having a Rolls Royce Phantom in a parking lot filled with Mustangs and Toyotas. The sheer nature of the car and its uniqueness grabs every ones attention. A boardroom filled with ‘heartless suits’ will stop whatever it is they are doing to see the unveiling of a mac from its laptop bag. A mac is a sure eye catcher. And if you think the cute girl in the other cubicle is giving you the looks, just know “ITS NOT YOU!”. If you own a Mac be prepared to handle all the attention and answer some of the very basic questions “How big a hole did it leave in your wallet?”. “Does it work?” (from a day to day office perspective). And if the attention is not enough, the sheer look out being ‘outdone’ on the faces of everyone else (especially the suits who should in normal circumstances be doing better than you) should be quite satisfying. 
  2. “My mommy said “Life is not a bed of roses” : All the attention and love in the world can’t get you a ‘get out of jail free’ card when it comes to getting your work done. Working on a mac required some patience especially if you are a new convert. So be prepared for the odd ball that comes your way. For example a task of connecting to  a networked printer can be more painful that trying to retrieve data from a crashed windows system. Going ‘cold turkey’ is not recommended for new converts and it might be a better idea to have a windows installation on your mac (just in case!). Mac still has a long way to go before it will be adopted with arms wide!
Conclusion : Owning a mac can be an exhilarating experience and working with it is a pleasure. However its still a long way to go before corporates start accepting it as a ‘common standard’.

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Encyclopædia Britannica – Free for a blogger

Remember the stolen sidekick story that broke out a year or so ago or the jailed egyptian blogger and not to forget the pivotal story of how Yahoo got a chinese blogger arrested. All these stories are a result of blogging. And of course blogging is no joke its a lot of hard work just ask Scoble or Michael Arrington or any of the top guys in the blogosphere.

Blogging being such an important reporting platform as it is, many companies have shown a whole lot of affection to bloggers (both famous and not-so-famous alike). For example, when zooomr came out, they offered free pro accounts for all bloggers

Now Encyclopædia Britannica is offering access to its articles free for a year if you meet their criteria which as per their site goes something like this

Note: This program is intended for people who publish with some regularity on the Internet, be they bloggers, webmasters, or writers. We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who in our judgment doesn’t qualify.

So if you do happen to post ‘regularly’ on the internet go ahead, register and await the email from Britannica that says “you’ve won gold!”

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I’m gone … I’m back!

Almost a year ago, I decided to experiment getting my own domain space after seeing my good friend Clazh get his own space. But after a while it occurred to me that this ‘own space’ business wasn’t all that glamourous after all – especially not for hobby writers such as myself. Therefore I’m back with the pledge that i will never cross over to the dark side!

Expect more in the days to come from the good ol’ WildGrey!


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