I’m gone … I’m back!

Almost a year ago, I decided to experiment getting my own domain space after seeing my good friend Clazh get his own space. But after a while it occurred to me that this ‘own space’ business wasn’t all that glamourous after all – especially not for hobby writers such as myself. Therefore I’m back with the pledge that i will never cross over to the dark side!

Expect more in the days to come from the good ol’ WildGrey!



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3 responses to “I’m gone … I’m back!

  1. So you back in the US now. good to see you around. Yeah having your own domain think is really too much work.

  2. but you could do what punnen did just buy the domain and have your blog still hosted on WordPress.com Will cost you jsut $20 per year. $10 for the domain which you already have just need to renew and $10 to redirect it to wordpress.com

  3. @AJ – yes your right about that, but the way I see it, thats gonna be a $20 with no ROI at all 🙂

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