Apple Mac “This is why im hot!”

Owning a MacBookPro is no joke for some of us. First you have to come to terms with the amount of money you are just about to spend on a laptop as opposed to the ones you generally get to use for free most of your days. None the less i did shelve out the insane sum of money because at the end of any amount of research you tend to end at only one conclusion ” An Apple is an Apple!”

But my proud ownership soon turned into clinical frustration as my MBP started to act up. It would freeze for no reason even while doing mundane tasks as simple as opening a browser window or moving the cursor right after boot up. With Apple stores sprouting at every corner i soon found one close to where i live and took it to the Genius bar for diagnosis. A couple of visits later i got my Hard Drive replaced but the problems still continued. Last week i had to wait 30 minutes before the OS let me inside.

So i took my MBP one final time to the store and the nice staff graciously offered to replace my laptop and not only that i got a few coll upgrade that i would’ve got had i waited a month to buy my first MBP. So renewed in faith i think i realized personally why Apple’s following is only set to grow over the coming years. With stylish innovative products and first class service they’ve pretty much got the formula all figured out.


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