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Google Chrome – Not Prom Queen yet!

Now there is always a fall line for ‘Beta’ products and boy does Google love the word beta. Gmail is still in beta after god knows how long. None the less, Google’s new product the chrome is more of a disappointment rather than a ‘wow product’. I have been using Chrome for the past couple of days and the first thing i noticed and probably the only good thing was the amount of real estate available. Only a tool button towards the right houses all your immediate needs and the interface is light and simple – as Googly as ever.

But thats where the excitement stops. For a browser that was released with the sole purpose of bridging the divide between existing browsers and web based ‘applications’ this browser sure has a long way to go. One look at the Google Chrome Googlegroups site will show you just how many seemingly trivial issues are being noticed. While i agree that the product is still in Beta, this is probably not what i expected to see. And yes i faced my own issues before i decided to outright reject the product in its present state.

While the whole world is gawking at the fact that Google Chrome captured 1% (reports with higher numbers are out there too), i believe its just the hardcore fans and those who were intrigued with the product that downloaded it. The real test ,however, would be to see what the market share would be after 4 weeks of being out there.


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A mysterious new link

While clearing out the mail i suddenly noticed this new link on the top right corner of my GMail window. I asked a friend to check his mail and it seems to be that he doesnt have it. Now im not quite sure how only some people get to have this link while others dont. For the skeptics here a snap shot. The first one is my friend’s who didnt have the link(he did have the Gmail Skins extension installed but i think its ridiculous to even suggest that as a reason for the lack of the link) and the other one is mine.


On clicking the link it takes you to this page Although i havent posted a bug yet(its not like i found any), im sure its part of the ‘going out of beta’ initiative that Google has been talking about. Now how many email services do you know that actively ask their users for this level of feedback? Google rocks!

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Google Talk

Most of you must be already using the latest version of Google Talk – yeah thats the one with the file transfer and voice mail facilities. If you dont already have it you can get it from their main site – Google Talk. Although i am madly in love with the IM application i have to say it has a long way to go.

Hey Google – we need emoticons and text formatting as quickly as possible. On the subject of rich text formatting, i just read in Wikipedia that Google was supposed to be working on rich text formatting on susequent version releases.

Heres the catch – did you know that rich text formatting is already available in Google Talk’s current versions? All you need to do is prefix and suffix your text with the ‘*’ character and presto the text will appear as bold in the screen and everyone gets to see it as bold too.To make text appear in italics -perfix and suffix text with ‘_’ character.


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Google Evangelism

Google has for long been the media sweetheart, and has throughout the years managed to retain the ‘David vs Goliath’ punch in everything it does. It been over half a decade and it would be an understatement to say Google has changed the world. Not many companies in the world can boast shifting the course of human thoughts and actions in such a short span of time. All said and done, they are a force to recon with in the virtual world.

Google Talk has not been widely accepted by the masses in the way Gmail and certain other services. Google Talk at present is a skeleton with veins and some tissue here and there. For the skeleton – it can send Instant Messages at lightning speed. For the veins and tissues they have placed themes and pictures. Oh and did i mention the muscle – Internet calls (presently between 2 computers). Now its clear that Google has to do more if it wants to see mass acceptance and it seems they’re doing just that. A recent article in Digg claimed Google had in store a new version supporting file transfer, voice mail and some other features. However there was no mention of the much anticipated emoticons. Google has incorporated emoticons to the Gmail interface, so whats keeping them from incorporating it in their application?

Nonetheless Google Talk is expanding in popularity and i can vouch for that.A dozen friends of mine (oblivious of Google Talk) have started experimenting with it (after tons of coazing) and have had some very positive things to say. They LOVE it. Now any product that can evoke such a response is most definitely awesome.

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