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Blogmusik – Prelude to the Revamp

Blogmusik is one of the best on demand music sites available on the net. After the initial success that they had, post release last year, they look all set for a total revamp of the site (to be called Blogmusik v2) and its features. We had covered blogmusik earlier over at scribez and will do a write up once the new site is launched sometime this week.

Among the plethora of features that are about to be unveiled one that we knew was on its way was the album art. You will find below one of the pictures that we took some time ago in which you will clearly see the presence of album art associated with the music thats being played

Blogmusik album art pic

If you haven’t noticed i already just peek behind the virtual ipod screen. A whole siteoverhaul was on the cards since then, and looks like we were right after all. Check out the new interface pictures with, oh yes, album art.

You can read about blogmusik’s current developments and other features to be realeased over at the Blogmusik Blog.

There are some similar sites available but not many with the function and flexibility that Blogmusik provides. So until the revamped site is opened, cross your fingers and happy streaming.



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Avial – a dish prepared in the state of Kerala.

Nope im not going to discuss the receipe here. Avial is the name of a band made up of 5 guys. Usually im very skeptical when someone says “Check out this mallu(a term coined to depict people from the state of Kerala)band, not because i hate them, but because they suck. But this band Avial rocks. Although the Linkin Park impersonation is more than obvious, their music rocks. And even more, the video is one of the best videos i have seen in the Indian Music Scene. Hope these guys make it big! Youve got my vote! Check out their video. Its a song called Nada Nada which means “walk walk”.


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