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Wild Hogs – The Review

Wild Hogs, PosterIs a road trip the ultimate cure for people dealing with mid-life crisis? Like never before, this seems to be the self-prescribed solution. But having said that, a road trip is a fabulous unwinding experience for all.

The movie portrays the lives of 4 individuals who decide its time to change the monotony that has slowly and unknowingly crept into their lives.Although from varied circumstances and lives, there are two things that create an unspoken bond between them:

  1. Mid-life crisis
  2. A love for biking

They agree the latter seemed to be the perfect solution to bring back the spice of life and head out on this road trip that sees them bring out parts of them that they had chosen to suppress through life’s course. With only a ‘no rules’ rule applicable, they set out and it isn’t long before they find trouble before trouble finds them.

Life has made wimps out of these four and its all about finding their true selves back. After ‘losing’ one of their bikes to a mean Del Fuegos biker gang, they steal it back and in the process happen to blow up the gang’s hangout. Running from them the Wild Hogs end up in Madrid, a sleepy town where they are forced to stay for the night. This is when some of the very interesting experiences help them forge the bonds of friendship stronger.

The on screen chemistry between a group of four unlikely individuals – a little comedy from Martin Lawrence, blossoming love between William Macy and the ever so pretty Marisa Tomei, add to that larger than life Travolta and a Tim Allen we can all relate to and you got yourself a pretty potent combination of flavors to keep you enticed for a long time.

All in all a decent watch that has also got me making investment plans for my road trip in a few years from now.

Rating: 7/10


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Its Green Time

It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something when his SALARY depends on his NOT UNDERSTANDING IT – Upton Sinclair

An Inconvenient Truth - Poster Global Warming is definitely an issues that’s on our minds, at least our sub-conscious. An Inconvenient Truth certain helps one get a perspective into the seriousness of this problem. Although many people, material have tried to help open peoples’ eyes to this grave concern, none have managed to drive the point home better.

Al Gore has demonstrated through this documentary, without a shadow of doubt, the impending consequences that we are about to face as a result of our ‘ignorant and blind’ actions over the past decades. What captured my attention for the entire duration was the sequence in which his point were stated, adequate use of imagery and video and also his ability to connect with his audience no matter what region of the globe they are from.

The idea of ‘go green’ is not something new. Its been around for quite some time. I remember a show on Discovery that discussed this very issue form a ‘worst case’ perspective. Although i watched this show at least 5 years back, i do distinctly remember the designs of an architect ( i have not been able to research him on Google) who came up with designs for buildings meant to be constructed on water – the designs being inspired by his fascination towards ‘gears’.

In my quest to find anything i could about the architect and his designs, i stumbled upon a few (out of millions) of ‘green designs’ and other ‘green news’ that are worth taking a look.

We have to be able to change the world we will in, for us and for our future and perhaps a renewable resource like ‘political will’ could give us the direction we are looking for to help forge on in this time of uncertain futures.

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Blogmusik – Prelude to the Revamp

Blogmusik is one of the best on demand music sites available on the net. After the initial success that they had, post release last year, they look all set for a total revamp of the site (to be called Blogmusik v2) and its features. We had covered blogmusik earlier over at scribez and will do a write up once the new site is launched sometime this week.

Among the plethora of features that are about to be unveiled one that we knew was on its way was the album art. You will find below one of the pictures that we took some time ago in which you will clearly see the presence of album art associated with the music thats being played

Blogmusik album art pic

If you haven’t noticed i already just peek behind the virtual ipod screen. A whole siteoverhaul was on the cards since then, and looks like we were right after all. Check out the new interface pictures with, oh yes, album art.

You can read about blogmusik’s current developments and other features to be realeased over at the Blogmusik Blog.

There are some similar sites available but not many with the function and flexibility that Blogmusik provides. So until the revamped site is opened, cross your fingers and happy streaming.


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There is something more than money,fame and/or glory that has driven souls to the battlegrounds – Freedom. Centuries have gone by with many a war being fought over this very quality of life we have so grown used to taking for granted. And it is this very thing that drove 300 Spartan warriors to fight even until death. This movie portrays the journey and sacrifice these men made for their country and ideals. Defying odds against a vast army and facing armies of men, face masked killers called ‘The Immortals’, elephants and even giant freaks these men stood ground and fought with their head and with their hearts.

The movie,however, didn’t quite do as much as I hoped it would to remove faint memories of a certain other warrior classic. Though some might disagree, golden fields with its crop swaying in the winds does remind one distinctly of ‘The Gladiator’. The soundtrack that accompanied the scene in question didn’t help either.

That apart, although scantly clad men, women and drunk adolescent Oracles adorned the screen for the duration of the movie, the story telling did not get drowned and that in itself is commendable. All in all a graphical extravaganza with enough story telling to keep its viewer both physically and emotionally occupied.


I hereby take this opportunity to refute the very suggestion that this movie had some sort of connection with America’s ‘War on Terror’. The very thought is childish and preposterous.


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Flags Of Our Fathers

Flag of Our Fathers

Flags of Our Fathers is a compelling war time story that portrays the lives of the 6 men immortalized in perhaps one of the most important war photographs ever to be caught on film.The film revolves around the lives of men who fought the battle at Iwo Jima and more specifically around those who raised the American flag during the course of the war.  The film is shown as the story of a person who tries to understand his father’s role  in this particular event.

My love for war time movies was all it took to get me to watch this movie. However it must be said that this movie could have been made a whole lot better.Ryan Phillippe who portrays the character of John ‘Doc’ Bradley fails to impress at all as he appears to constantly do one thing – stare at the camera. The only actor who managed to bring forth any emotion was Adam Beach who portrayed Ira Hayes. Apart from a couple of hundred bullets flying in all directions, a couple of direct-hit tank explosions and a whole spectacle of navy capabilities (in one of the scenes) the movie hardly does anything to intrigue its audience for the whole duration of the movie.

However if you haven’t watched a war movie in quite a while this would be the ideal one to stage a comeback with.

Rating: 6/10


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Lord of War(2005)

Very few movies are made that attempt to tackle some of the ‘under the rug’ issues. And thats NOT because there is no story there. Nor is it because they dont want to talk about it. Its just because thats not where the money lies. The money..ah yes..’The Benjamins’ come in theyre bundles only when you make movies with lots of melodrama and elaborate sets, 15 minutes of romance,30 minutes of raunchy steam sex scenes etc etc. And there are no shortage of such movies either.

Lord of War(2005)In 2005 there came from Holywood a movie that was not widely discussed amongst certain elite circles simply because it didnt fit the ‘tried and true’ formula for Oscar grabbing success.
‘Lord Of War’, a movie staring the very versatile Nicholas Cage did manage to earn $25 mil, but then again maybe it was the PR! What issue does this movie take on? ‘Gun trafficing and selling’. I personally believe this is one of the most under-talked issues of all times. Now people have varied stand points when it comes to this topic. Some people say we need to put the guys that manufacture the guns behind bars. Then there are the others that say its not the manufacturer but the users that need to judged. But when the debate goes on behind large wooden doors and fancy dinner settings, there is no doubt that millions of lives are being ruined just because of illegal gun trafficing.
Back to the movie, what actually starts out as a pretty good narratory experience quickly transforms into a world that you become engrossed in. Nicholas Cage, ever so brilliant, puts on a fascinating performance jugling shipments from corner to corner bringing you an insight into the life of a gun dealer. The very beautiful Bridget Moynahan, whose acting skills were never really used in the movie,manages to find herself a couple of scenes here and there, but seriously they needed to find her something more to say.A 3 minute sex scene and a 2 minute shower does not constitute a role as lead actress in any movie! You need to say something.  And you need to say something that the audiences can acutally rememeber! Apart from those minor glitches here and there, the movie deserves to been seen.
As far the as issue of gun trafficing goes, it still remains, but then again this movie here is a feeble attempt to draw attention to one of the more under-rated issues that our century faces.


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Movie – Man on Fire

A coupe of days back i had the opportunity of watching the movie “Man of Fire” starring Denzel Washington. I remember being very excited at the time of the movie release about a year back but couldnt watch it then for lack of time.

The story was pertty nice and the movie kept me on mt toes till the point of the street kidnapping. After that i watched the movie literally disintegrate into a million oblivious frames. Personally i thought the edititng of the movie was pretty lame. What is it with all the flash editing? Too much and i mean too much of flash editing. I remember telling myself that i acutally counted 15 flash edited sequences in a span of a minute. “What were you thinking Tony? Dont tell me you believed that flash editing would give viewers a thriller experience!” Anyway its movies like this that make you go ‘So this is why some of the dumber movies get the Oscars. I get it now!’.

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