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I’m gone … I’m back!

Almost a year ago, I decided to experiment getting my own domain space after seeing my good friend Clazh get his own space. But after a while it occurred to me that this ‘own space’ business wasn’t all that glamourous after all – especially not for hobby writers such as myself. Therefore I’m back with the pledge that i will never cross over to the dark side!

Expect more in the days to come from the good ol’ WildGrey!



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Live Writer Mess Up

Sorry about this post! Lately my Live Writer refuses to behave properly. Owing to this fact there may be many orphan posts out here.Please bear with me as we work it out. Therapy was never the fastest way to solve a problem but here goes!

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USB Cells -The Portable Battery

On September 19,2006 Moixa Energy announced the launch of an innovative and revolutionary product called The USBCell Battery . These one of a kind rechargeable batteries have a memory stick like end which when plugged into any powered USB drive gets charged and can later on be used like any other normal battery.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Battery Type
    • Rechargeable AA NiMH Battery 1.2v 1300mah.
  • Battery Chemistry
  • NiMH – Nickel Metal Hyrdride.

  • Product Specifications
    • Built in Intelligent Charger.
    • Charge by powered USB.
    • Also can be charged in approved NiMH Chargers.

  • Technical Specifications
  • 90%+ Charged after 5 Hours by powered USB.
  • Also rechargeable by approved NiMH charger at 250ma for 7 Hours.
    • LED on the side will light up to indicate charging .
    • Will flash for 10 minutes after charging is complete as an alert and switch off after that.

If you want to you can read the following material too

The USBCell Battery is most definitely the best thing to hit the conventional battery scene in a very long time. Well how much will they cost you? As of now a 2 cell pack would set you back £12.99.

Time to recharge the battery market’

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Avial – a dish prepared in the state of Kerala.

Nope im not going to discuss the receipe here. Avial is the name of a band made up of 5 guys. Usually im very skeptical when someone says “Check out this mallu(a term coined to depict people from the state of Kerala)band, not because i hate them, but because they suck. But this band Avial rocks. Although the Linkin Park impersonation is more than obvious, their music rocks. And even more, the video is one of the best videos i have seen in the Indian Music Scene. Hope these guys make it big! Youve got my vote! Check out their video. Its a song called Nada Nada which means “walk walk”.


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Formula 1

Its the dream of every male on the face on planet earth to, for the least, get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. This gives rise to a certain level of overconfidence too, even to the point where some believe that they could shred lap records if only they got the chance. But little thought do they give to the car itself. Neither did I until someone send me a couple of pictures of a ‘disected’ F1 car.

Did you know that the:

1)F1 car is made up of 80,000 components, if it were assembled 99.9% correctly, it would still start the race with 80 things wrong!

2)Formula 1 cars have over a kilometre of cable, linked to about 100 sensors and actuators which monitor and control many parts of the car.

Well these are just some of the things i just learnt. And now for the pics.


Another angle:


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Now folks, this here is a show! The legendary show that would surely change the face of comedy television. I mean, there wouldnt be any of the new-age comedy series if it weren’t for the foundations laid by this one show. Now dont get me wrong, im not trying to take anything away from shows like Friends, Drew Carey Show, King of Queens, Frasier etc etc. All im trying to say is that watching Sienfeld should be something that every human being no matter what their age is should do. While flipping through the huge list of mostly unwanted channels, my ears for a split second feasted on the all too familiar sounds of ‘crowd laughter’. Oh yeah, we’ve all heard that alright, used more liberally that Indians use salt! This got the old comedy juices flowing again, and before you know it there i am, sipping a glass of apple juice and watching Sienfield.

The plot was hilarious, all four characters placing wagers on who could ‘hold-off’ the longest. Kramer quiting after what seemed like 4 hrs, while other struggled against everything to try to be the ‘Master of the Domain’. Sleepless night, opportunities knocking on every corner in frequencies never humanly thought possible. Some of the jokes were very funny. You should see it, that is if you haven’t already done so.

So take a day off, from your busy schedule and rent out your favourite comedy show, sip on apple juice or Bicardi or whatever it is that will get you to think, or not, and try to enjoy the funny side of television.


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Belated Happy Birthday to the WWW

15 years and a couple of days ago, a tool that was supposed to help ease the transfer of information between scientists set the stage for what was to become the single most greatest invention known to modern man since cave men or some other Neanderthal discovered fire. The Internet has most certainly and indisputably changed our lives and there is no doubt about that. A few centuries back, people living in conservative societies would have choked on the idea of sitting in front of a screen and typing. But here i am doing exactly that. Forget waiting for Thanksgiving Day to blurt out all the things your are thankful for, make it happen right here right now!

The following things about the Internet that i am truly grateful for.

  1. Access to information – anytime, anywhere.
  2. Research Materials for school and college assignments/projects.
  3. Electronic News – changed the way we all looked at breaking news.
  4. Electonic Mail – there used to be a time when snail mail was slower.
  5. Instant Messaging – still beats screaming out of the window anytime of the day.
  6. Now to the things that most people enjoy:

  7. Adult Entertainment- more crudely known as porn
  8. Unlimited downloads of software,music,movies and yes ofcourse porn.
  9. Forums – where you can express your views with like minded people and also ask for passwords to premium porn sites.
  10. Online Dating – no more inhibitions for the average Joe.
  11. Well thats all i could think of right now. If there are more things that impress you or that you are grateful for please feel free to add to the list.

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