Avial – a dish prepared in the state of Kerala.

Nope im not going to discuss the receipe here. Avial is the name of a band made up of 5 guys. Usually im very skeptical when someone says “Check out this mallu(a term coined to depict people from the state of Kerala)band, not because i hate them, but because they suck. But this band Avial rocks. Although the Linkin Park impersonation is more than obvious, their music rocks. And even more, the video is one of the best videos i have seen in the Indian Music Scene. Hope these guys make it big! Youve got my vote! Check out their video. Its a song called Nada Nada which means “walk walk”.



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43 responses to “Avial

  1. Saw this back in college. Great band huh? But you have any idea what the lyrics mean?

    The video is pretty neat tho the scene in which all of them headbang is a bit lame…:-)

    n btw how do you put a you tube video on the blog?

    • ‘Nada Nada’ can be literally translated to “Keep Walking”..
      From the scenes, I think what they try to convey is that you’ve got to keep walking how messed up the situation around you are…

      You spoke of mallu bands that suck.
      Well, you should check out Thaalam then.
      Its not all rock, some different genre I dont know how to classify.

  2. nice video man but can’t understand a word man lol….. maybe you should but the lyrics up. Punnen I thought I told ya how to put the videos.

    On the editor page on the bottom there is a tab for videos click it and get the code for the youtube videos

    Replace the url with the url of the video 🙂
    Next on the editor click the icon HTML you will get the source code of your post just past the code where you want the video to appear

  3. @bluesaze I tried that and it dint work….there was nothing once i posted…it dint work with google videos either!

  4. @PS:The video will appear only once youve published the post. Till then it will just appear as text.

    @PS,@bluesaze: Put the lyrics up eh? Sure let me get some free time!

  5. The lyrics have got to be somewhere on the net right? Like i understood any of it!!!

  6. Hemanth

    Man, Its awesome video, does it go well with blogger ? If so how do i ?

  7. @Hemanth: Im sure there must be some way to hook the video up in blogger(i hope that is what you were asking for) Dunno exactly though!

  8. avial …first malayalam alternative experimental band.

    turnTables » toNy
    –guitars » rEx
    –vocals » aNaNd
    –drums » joFfy

    visit http://www.avial.in (under construction)

  9. @SpiritualPie : Thanks for the heads up!

  10. @Spritual Pie: Thanks a lot. Although i have to say that the blog doesnt give have much to say.

  11. spiritual pie

    this was just a sound check video…the real raw is gonna come its on production..
    Avial releases its new album with eight tracks in this december ..expect more info soon..

  12. Wow sounds amazing! Lets see what they came come up with. Looking forward to it

  13. godspeed

    Well guys…

    last night i heard their 8 songs…awesome man!!
    Nothing like this in the history of GODS OWN COUNTRY…They r introducing a new drummer….Mithun….
    nd yaa…abt the songs…nada nada in new style..[ko ko ko kooooo….(chicken)].. :)..
    nd 7 new tracks..with different rhythms…

    u guys rock….Godspeed…\m/

  14. sach1234

    hey just wanted to where to get their songs from?..could anyone tell me…not the demo..the full version of the tracks..

  15. Thomas

    @ the blogger..

    mallu bands suck?wat u saying man? thermal and a quarter?mother jane?13AD?do they?

  16. paul

    its sikk of yu ppl tu say that malayalees suck…

  17. mallus mallus, encouraging experiments will be the best way 4 them, still u guys c’mon u ought 2 do that nothing to lose. AVIAL the contouversial of type is one of a kind!!
    good work , folk metal booooooo HAIL AVIAL

  18. Pronob

    OMG..have u heard the latest on rendition of NadaNada on http://myspace.com/avialmusic. Damn, what production quality. These guys are like 20 times better than anything out there in the crappy Indian wannabe rock market. These guys are just fantastic.

  19. subbu

    Awesome songs…are they still around?

  20. Ezhakkaranad

    The Avial band is awsome. I am excited about the prospects of Indian Rock ( have not had very many chances in the past). Malayalam is the hardest language to transform to rockish. These guys have done it for the first time!!. They did it with such class and style. Folk song is India’s heart when it comes to music. They have taken malayalm folk poetry and turned it into rock (heart of the western music, well for the progressive ones). Language is not a barrier for good music. But if you know the mallu tradition you enjoy the whole experience at a much higher level. They are awsome in whichever way you look at it. I dont dare to compare any other Indian rock band at their level.

  21. spiritualpie

    The avial album will release on 8th February. It will be available at all major music stores across India.
    Also, look out for the new video of Nada Nada on TV and Online.

  22. Prashant

    Hi can anybody send me the Lyrics of song NADA NADA………………….
    on yahooearly@gmail.com

  23. spiritualpie

    chk the official website for avial lyrics

  24. Well said mate….!!…..The band really rocks…..!!….:)….Also the album is released and u can buy the cd’s frm shops and online too….!!…Chk out the below link….!!


    Thanx and Regards,

  25. ABO

    First time live performance by Kerala’s very own rock band – AVIAL and SLING SHOT (Winners of Kerala Rocks 2007) at the finals of this year’s Kingfisher Kerala Rocks at Bolgatty Palace, Cochin,8th March 2008, 7:00pm onwards

  26. rahul acharya

    hay the avial rocks

  27. prashant

    Please can someone get the me the chords of these songs?? will be highly appreciated…

    Hail Avial

  28. Avial lover

    Guys !!!!!! please donot compare avial to any other bands (like Linkin park or stinkin park). They are a class on their own.
    Mallu rock rocksssssssss

  29. Vivek

    So I finally got their cd and man it was totally worth every rupee unlike all those other cds that have one killer song and the rest is all filler. I was actually sad when I finished with the cd but it’s got definite solid replay value.

  30. Avial Fan

    Dude how could you even think that Avial was trying to impersonate Linkin Park? The creativity and complexity of Avial songs, especially seen in their brilliant base lines can’t even be compared to Linkin Park. It’s such an insult to Avial Forget that, it cant be compared to any western band because of its beautiful indian scales.

  31. @Avial Fan: Now that i think of it, the Linkin Park comment was solely based on the ‘Dj’ avial had and was based on the first song that i heard. After hearing most of their songs there is no doubt that Avial is one of the best bands out there.

    The bass lines are out of the world! 🙂

    Perhaps i will edit the post to state my change of opinion on the similarities i once thought they possessed.

  32. drano

    ‘But this band Avial rocks. Although the Linkin Park impersonation is more than obvious, their music rocks.’

    …………You might want to check who was making music first………….Avail was rocking way before Lincoln Park was around…..I feel confident in saying Avail would be hurt deeply being compared to such a crappy band.

  33. @Darno: Before you leave stupid baseless comments on my blog, I would suggest you do some research.

    “…You might want to check who was making music first”

    you might want to take a crash course in reading before you attempt to digest what’s written in these websites.In terms of inception dates, 1996 for linkin park vs 2003 for avial..hmm lets see that could be tough one for you.

    Your so called confidence that you so ineloquently tried to say you had, has overstepped the fragile boundary of arrogance. Your calling Linkin Park a crappy band, is one of the most musically inept statements made in this century.

    Why don’t you take a moment and digest that before you try speculating on what Avial might think.

  34. SKI

    After listening to same old kind of music , branded as rock by INDIAN bands and almost giving up,i chanced upon avial; That i’m hooked,floored and enchanted is an understatement.Music so fresh, so eternal and elevating is but a GODsend for music lovers like me.Waiting eagerly for some more delicacies from avial 🙂
    PS: Do give out lyric-translations for ‘karukara’
    PPS: I wish them all the best
    PPS: Oh man!!!!!!!!! they are awesome :))

  35. teertha divakar unni

    i love their(avial) rock band its ooooooooooooosooooooooooommmmmmm 😀

  36. teertha divakar unni

    love the band

  37. teertha divakar unni

    it really rocks man!

  38. teertha divakar unni

    im a mallu soooooooooo…………………

  39. teertha divakar unni

    can anyone tell me from where can i get the album download??????????

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