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Coca Cola – The Grand Theft Auto Way

Check out this cool Coca Cola advertisement based on the infamous Grand Theft Auto series



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Get Blogged

If you are somebody who wants to get blogged a.k.a mentioned on the internet please make sure you read this wonderful tutorial, written by Michael Arrington of Techcrunch.

The post in entitled  “Top Ten Things You Can Do To Get Blogged” and its a very good read.

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The Funny Side of MsOffice 2007

I received this mail the other day and thought it was imperitive that i share it with everyone.

Msoffice2007_featureMsoffice2007_feature Hosted on Zooomr

If this is as good as it claims to be, then i gootta get me one of these.

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USB Cells -The Portable Battery

On September 19,2006 Moixa Energy announced the launch of an innovative and revolutionary product called The USBCell Battery . These one of a kind rechargeable batteries have a memory stick like end which when plugged into any powered USB drive gets charged and can later on be used like any other normal battery.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Battery Type
    • Rechargeable AA NiMH Battery 1.2v 1300mah.
  • Battery Chemistry
  • NiMH – Nickel Metal Hyrdride.

  • Product Specifications
    • Built in Intelligent Charger.
    • Charge by powered USB.
    • Also can be charged in approved NiMH Chargers.

  • Technical Specifications
  • 90%+ Charged after 5 Hours by powered USB.
  • Also rechargeable by approved NiMH charger at 250ma for 7 Hours.
    • LED on the side will light up to indicate charging .
    • Will flash for 10 minutes after charging is complete as an alert and switch off after that.

If you want to you can read the following material too

The USBCell Battery is most definitely the best thing to hit the conventional battery scene in a very long time. Well how much will they cost you? As of now a 2 cell pack would set you back £12.99.

Time to recharge the battery market’

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