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Time – A new Perspective

  • How long does it take to get an online shares trading account opened up? I found out that a procedure that should take no more than 2 weeks can extend and extend up to 2 freaking months.
  • It takes more that 30 minutes to try to explain the difference between a blog and a forum to your boss and convince him to go with one.
  • It only takes a second to realize you’ve been a total jacka$$.
  • It might take upto an eternity trying to correct the mistakes that you have made.
  • The 2 hours you spent watching TMNT will never be restored to you. The 30 second video clips 😉 that you watch may yield more emotional and physical stimulation.


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Best Break-up Gift Idea

Break-Up Gift Suggestion

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Bad Day

You know you’re having a bad day when:

  1. Theres a blackout the moment you awake.
  2. Your boss dumps truckloads of work the moment you pick your bag to leave for home.
  3. Theres a blackout the moment you step into your house after arriving from work(late in the night!@#$%^&).
  4. The electricity returns just in time for you to watch your favourite soap’s re-run and suddenly theres a blackout at the signal distribution center, thereby making it impossible for you to watch the crucial first 15 minutes!
  5. Your browsing starts off with newsvine, registering you as a new user but refusing to let you log in/change your password.(The newsvine admin,however,resolves the issue with lightning speed!)
  6. You try to call it a night after trying to upload a freaking post when your Live Writer decides its time to play b**ch.
  7. Your refusal to quit leads you to the wordpress site(to post the bloody ‘post’) when IT decides to play b**ch (refuses to let me delete random, algorithm generated, ‘temporary posts’ dumped on my blog by Live Writer)
  8. You try to edit the dumb ‘undeletable posts‘, so your readers dont have to deal with s***ty software generated content, you edit, and click ‘Save’ to find yourself staring at THIS!Wordpress Maintanence
  9. Your efforts to post the screen shot(read 8.) on zooomr lead you to THIS!!!Zoome Unavaliable

(Sigh) – “Its just one of those days!!!”


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Live Writer Mess Up

Sorry about this post! Lately my Live Writer refuses to behave properly. Owing to this fact there may be many orphan posts out here.Please bear with me as we work it out. Therapy was never the fastest way to solve a problem but here goes!

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