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Its Green Time

It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something when his SALARY depends on his NOT UNDERSTANDING IT – Upton Sinclair

An Inconvenient Truth - Poster Global Warming is definitely an issues that’s on our minds, at least our sub-conscious. An Inconvenient Truth certain helps one get a perspective into the seriousness of this problem. Although many people, material have tried to help open peoples’ eyes to this grave concern, none have managed to drive the point home better.

Al Gore has demonstrated through this documentary, without a shadow of doubt, the impending consequences that we are about to face as a result of our ‘ignorant and blind’ actions over the past decades. What captured my attention for the entire duration was the sequence in which his point were stated, adequate use of imagery and video and also his ability to connect with his audience no matter what region of the globe they are from.

The idea of ‘go green’ is not something new. Its been around for quite some time. I remember a show on Discovery that discussed this very issue form a ‘worst case’ perspective. Although i watched this show at least 5 years back, i do distinctly remember the designs of an architect ( i have not been able to research him on Google) who came up with designs for buildings meant to be constructed on water – the designs being inspired by his fascination towards ‘gears’.

In my quest to find anything i could about the architect and his designs, i stumbled upon a few (out of millions) of ‘green designs’ and other ‘green news’ that are worth taking a look.

We have to be able to change the world we will in, for us and for our future and perhaps a renewable resource like ‘political will’ could give us the direction we are looking for to help forge on in this time of uncertain futures.


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Divorce is so over-rated!

What God has brought together, let no man break asunder

Most Christians pride themselves with the fact that their family values are upheld by the very fact that they do things together. They pray together, eat together, watch TV together etc etc.

A family that prays together, stays together

But is this true? New data says other wise. The results of a recent poll on this very subject reveals surprising results. Read the entire article herePolls related to divorce rates within various Christian sects

So the next time someone you know talks about the subject of divorce make sure you throw this at them. It could turn out to be a very interesting conversation

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The Walls Have Ears

A couple of days back I was flipping through the channels to find something interesting to watch and a small segment of news entitled ‘The Walls Have Ears’ from CNN IBN caught my attention. This was a one minute news segment about an upcoming technology. I have spent 2 days since then trying to find anything on the Internet about this news¬† but have always come up empty handed.

The technology developed by a structural engineer and a software developer from India over the course of 17 years can be used to reconstruct (replay) conversations held within a room without the use of any electronic devices.The identities of the individuals who created this technology were not revealed due to security reasons. There was even a source that went on to say that this technology had profound uses in countries like USA. The theory behind the technology was briefly explained:

When we speak, our sound waves strike the walls. These sound waves represent a form of energy and when struck on the walls excite the atoms within the walls displacing electrons and other particles. Every sound (word,sentence etc) hits the walls at different energy levels thereby creating a unique identifiable signature. By measuring this energy it would be possible to determine the words spoken and thereby the conversation made within a room.

Sounds like something straight out from a science fiction movie. However the technology would be made available in 2008. Considering the possibilities this has to offer I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a mad rush by many nations to understand the workings of this technology.

“..And on the day of Judgment even walls will testify against you..”

The quote above represents a passage in the Bible that some,after hearing this news, have been quick to associate with. No matter what conclusions are drawn, if someone could let me know of any links you come across on this subject (the technology) i would appreciate it.

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