How to kill your wife

Disclaimer: Killing your wife either by this method or any method whatsoever is most likely to be considered as murder in many states!



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3 responses to “How to kill your wife

  1. the same guy

    true, do not kill her is better to make her miserable. try getting the air of her car tires off. how about making phone calls in the middle of the night from a public phone, do it twice. How about changing her mail to go somewhere else, her bills and eveything else will be gone for months. How about bananas on her muffler. Enjoy it as she is alive maker shit blood from being afraid. send her flowers and postcards make her believe you are nice. Take a shit in front of her door. If she is dead the fun stops. be creative….f* valentines go buy a $20k ring and give to her like a idiot.

  2. George

    Instead of letting her family turn her against you, cautiously turn her against her family.
    It is a problem how African families stick to money, if your wife is from Africa and you have some considerable amount of income you are in big trouble. They are lazy, but they like to spend others money.

  3. G Bordovsky

    Definitelybe careful ofthe family!

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